Friend at the court is the official handbook of tennis rules and regulations for youth and adults, including The Code of Tennis, and tournament, league, junior, adult, and wheelchair play.

Friend at Court (2019)


What is a tennis official? It’s the man or woman in the USTA uniform who keeps the tournament running by the rules, under the fairest possible conditions. The official is “a friend at court,” helpful to players and spectators. Here’s what you absolutely need to know about Referees, Umpires, Officials!

Referees, Umpires, Officials


Foundation of Tennis Rules & Behavior

The Players’ Guide for Unofficiated Matches


Tennis should be a game before it becomes a sport!

Rules for age 10 and under tournaments are unique because the players are young and small. USTA developed guidelines for size of balls, courts, and rackets that work well for smaller sized players. Matches are shorter and tournaments last only a few hours.
Rules, court size, ball size, racket size are downsized for the small age 8 and under players, also. Tournaments are geared to be fun, entertaining, and suitable to their skills and understanding.

USTA Guidelines for 10 & Under Tennis 10 & Under Tennis in MidAtlantic Section: Levels of Play Is your child ready to play tournaments? 10 & Under Blast Tour Junior Tournaments: Advance Your Game


Rules, Customs and Procedures

A concise summary of what to know to become a top junior player.

Rules, Customs, Procedures for Junior Players Junior Tournament Regulations for MidAtlantic Section Junior Tournaments: Advance Your Game


Rules, Customs, and Procedures

Coaching, lateness, calling lines, continuous play, tiebreakers, and more, are things players need to know about.

Rules, Customs, Procedures for High School Players Junior Tournaments: Advance Your Game