Big & Little
One-Day Junior Tournament (50 points)
July 13, 2019
logo Tournament Associates Big & Little Junior One-Day Tournament

MAS Tournament (50 points)
Bullis School Tennis Center
10601 Falls Road Potomac, MD

This is a 1-day event for juniors at the L8 level–especially for entry-level and intermediate players ages 6-10 and 12-18. Multiple short matches played at Bullis School and completed by 1 pm. Lots of viewing area and players will receive awards and gifts!

In Level 8 tournaments kids will experience a fun, friendly, non-elimination introduction to tournament tennis that’s played start to finish in 4 hours or less. Juniors are welcome and encouraged to continue to participate in Xpress Level 8 tournaments until they are winning consecutive matches and winning Express Level 8 tournaments. Every kid that participates in a Express Level 8 tournament earns 50 participation points! These points count toward their MAS standing / ranking and even if they don’t win any matches they get the 50 points. Match Formats: Short formats are used to enable players to participate against numerous opponents- i.e. Fast4, Short-Sets, One Super Set, Timed Matches, and No-Add Scoring. Longer Formats may be used for very small draws. (8U Match format = 2/3 7-Point games).

Green Level 1 Boys’ & Girls’ Singles 12
Boys’ & Girls’ Singles: 78′ Yellow Ball 14-18
Orange Level 2 Co-ed 10 and Under Singles
Orange Level 1 Co-ed 10 and Under Singles
Red Ball Co-ed 10 and Under Singles

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logo Tournament Associates Big & Little Junior One-Day Tournament