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Inspirational Quotes

Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes it’s a quiet voice at the end of the match saying, I’ll try again.

Don’t be afraid to give up good playing to go for great playing.

Winners are not tennis players who never fail, they are tennis players who never quit.

All I thought about was put the ball in the court, put the ball in the court…and don’t think about who’s on the other side. And I won!

–Roberta Vinci, after her semifinal win over Serena Williams in the 2015 US Open

Inspire envy on the court today!

Never let a match win get to your head. Never let a match loss get to you heart.

You miss 100% of the middle balls you never take.

Tennis does not build character, it reveals it.

Don’t practice your tennis until your do it right, practice it until you can’t do it wrong.